Messy Church

Messy Church is a fun way of ‘being church’ for families, with the emphasis on hospitality, creativity and celebration.

We join together to learn about God in a fun and creative way, and families get to enjoy quality time together.The afternoon consists of several small workshops based on a, usually Biblical, theme, which all ages can enjoy. It’s wonderful to see everyone taking part in the many crafts (there is always a cooking activity and there are usually some very messy crafts as well) and games with parents/ grandparents/carers/children going round the tables and embracing the tasks together. There are usually some toys in one of the side rooms of church which are popular with the younger children and there is often an activity geared specifically for older children.

Occasionally we do something completely different – for example on a lovely sunny afternoon in July we had a whole “Messy Sports” afternoon – doing sports instead of crafts, outside on The Oval.

After around 40 minutes of crafts/games, we go into the main body of the church for a short celebration service which usually consists of a Bible story, message, action song and prayer (but not done in a “formal” churchy way).

We then all have tea together – things like sausage rolls & salad,  pizza,  fish fingers, sandwiches followed by a wonderful selection of homemade cakes. It’s lovely to see everyone enjoying this time together and to hear people relaxing and sharing conversations with each other, the school aged children often think of this as a party tea!

It is possible to drop in for just a short time so why not come along and try it out?

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